Book: Are you ready or hijacked?

Klar eller kapret forside

About the book

Reading the book can improve your performance sustainably by increasing your awareness on your mental stage of mind and your personal energy – when you lead and when you collaborate. It can help you being more agile and change efficient. The book is full of tangible tools backed by science and many relevant cases from the modern corporate work life, where change, agility, and performance is in focus.

From the book: Are you aware of when your brain is hijacked?

It happens to all of us. There are times when you are ready and can act like your best and most professional self, but sometimes you have done or said something other than what you would normally do or say.

Often, it happens when you are under pressure or when you have a very low energy level. Sometimes it’s so bad that you’ll regret it afterwards. It’s in such situations that your brain has been hijacked. The worst thing about being hijacked is that you often are unconscious about it – until afterwards. It sneaks up on you without your notice. Because, once you are hijacked, you cannot use your entire brain.

re not aware of your own behaviour. It makes it harder to collaborate, lead and be led. Especially, when you need to be innovative, when there is uncertainty and when there is change. 

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Josefine Campbell is a coach, author, former external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, serial entrepreneur, and quadrable Danish Champion in Jui Jitsu. 

She uses her experiences from martial arts in her work with talent and management development. As a coach for managers and directors of companies such as Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg, she helps professionals strengthen their performance.