“Profit and well-being depends on the team”

A program for optimizing team performance. Let’s talk.

Team optimization pays off

It is far from normal that people work effectively together in good spirit. But when that happens, communication processes improve. Asking for help becomes easier, as will using each others ressources, and it will become easier to navigate through change. Overall, it will be easier for people to unite their forces, pull in the same direction and achieve the company’s stated goals. This increase productivity and have a significant impact on both the well-being of employees and the company’s finances. That’s why we train teams in sustainable leadership.

"It is hard to take time to have this kind of development days, but I think that it is worth it....The pay back time is fast."
peter E.ON.
Peter Johnsson
CEO E.ON. Denmark

This is what you will get

Sustainable leadership

Sustainable leadership is about creating well-being and value now, and over time.

It is also about keeping a sustainable personal energy level, being aware of your impact on others and taking responsibility for your common ground. It affects leadership, business and personal aspects, such as motivation, retention and engagement.  

As a participant in the team workshop, you will get tools to strengthen your personal energy, engagement and ability to collaborate.



Program for teams

Wanting to work sustainably starts with yourself. This program is for those of you who want to have a great place to work, and be a sustainable organisation.

We always take the individual situation into account. This provides you with optimal conditions to transform insights into real value in your everyday life.


Step 1

Increase the energy


Train how you keep up the good spirit, through even the most intense periods. You are introduced to mental training from the martial arts jiu jitsu and given tools from the latest research.

Step 2

Map your real development potentials


An option is to get our unique 20 question 360 test.

The goal is to create an overview of your blind spots with the aim of mapping your real development potentials.

The result is presented confidentially in a 1:1 coaching session that can increase your selfawareness.

Step 3

Get your sustainable leadership strategies


New approaches are trained when solving a task that is relevant to your team.

Afterwards, we train how to transform insights into tangible strategies for action. We take into account concrete challenges from your workday.

When the strategies are ready, they are implemented through so-called SAFE tests.

Step 4

The follow-up workshop


In this short follow up session, we share and discuss experiences and results with the new tools. The results of the SAFE tests are being reviewed as part of the group session. Alternatively, they are processed 1:1 with a coach. Though this is just a short follow up session this is where your new insights gets rooted and the value increases dramatically.

What our clients say

The return of investment of time and money is fast

Executive Coaching

Lars Arnoldsen

Corporate Vise President, Novo Nordisk

“Through coaching, Josefine managed to create a change in the behaviour of the individuals, which had been beyond my expectations.  The great result was obtained across different nationalities and in some cases at a distance. I have greatly appreciated the results.”

Anbefaling fra Henrik Busch

Henrik Busch

Chairman of several boards, CEO & Network Director 

“Campbell’s work is characterized by always being adjusted and adapted to the organization or the person she is facing and with full focus on the task of developing or moving a person, a management team or an organization towards their goals. Adapted to the pace that suits the situation – but also with the opportunity to put the necessary positive pressure to make changes happen.” 

helle damsgaard

Helle Damsgaard

Program Director, Ledernes Kompetencecenter 

“Josefine is a dedicated lecturer who creates high intensity in the classroom. She manages to engage the participants and give them new knowledge and practical tools, so that they are inspired to rethink and walk away with a concrete benefit. Furthermore, Josefine is a pleasure to work with: Generous with her time and commitment and always with a positive and pragmatic approach.”

gunilla holmgren, E.ON.

Gunilla Holmgreen

HR Business Partner. E.ON.

“She really sees you and she see what is important to talk about. She brings a lot of energy.

Klar eller kapret
About us

Our well tested program is based on Josefine Campbell’s book, “Are You Ready or Hijacked?”, but is always adapted to your specific situation. You will get a team of the best professionals that match the challenges you face.

Our expertise is leadership and performance in complex environments with expectations for high performance. When the task demands it, we bring external competences to our workshops. You can read more about us here.


Get a free 30 min. inspirational meeting.


Deal with real challenges and achieve a measurable and stronger performance as a leader and team, in a sustainable way.

We support the 3 sustainability goals: 5, 8 & 9. As equal opportunities between genders is an important part of our coaching practice. To have a sustainable business based on the peoples wellbeing is an integral part of our Sustainable Leadership Program. Lastly we support innovation through courses in the agile approach.

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