Ask Sparkle your question to move forward (beta version)

How to use sparkle

  1. Ask your question. You can write it or speak it.
  2. Get some inspiration on how to move forward. If you answer back and provide context, you can elaborate on the suggestions.
  3. Act on it in practice. Take small steps, trying our new behavior in practice. Small improvements can have a huge impact.

As Sparkle don’t know your context as well as you do, you might need to translate and adjust the inspiration sparkle offers you. Also, keep in mind that Sparkle is just vs. 1 so take her input as inspiration and always use your sound sense of judgement and feel free to contact us for any questions you might have. 

Please note that this is vs. 1 and that we are in beta, so you might encounter things that needs to be corrected. Please, send us your feedback. 

NB! Make sure that you are signed in with google ID in your browser to access Sparkle directly.

We trained Sparkel to help you, right when you need it. Build on our leadership development expertise, Sparkle offer you instant AI-coaching.

We hope you’ll make great friends.