Power Barometer

Power Barometer
Manage personal energy not just time and money 

Modern work often includes days filled with back-to-back meetings and constant change. We find ways to thrive during transition, come up with new ideas, manage our own and others’ stress levels, work with new people, and handle conflict—sometimes at a distance. The Power Barometer  provides insights and tools for people with demanding jobs to thrive, perform, and grow to reach the next level. The book is an updated version of the Danish book; Are you ready or hijacked? 

bog: er du klar eller kapret?

Are you ready or hijacked? 
Become better at collaborating, leading and being lead

It happens to all of us. Sometimes you have done or said something other than what you would normally do or say. Often, it happens when you are under pressure or when you have a very low energy level. It’s in such situations that your brain has been hijacked. The worst thing about being hijacked is that you often are unconscious about it – until afterwards. It makes it harder to collaborate, lead and be led. This book is in Danish. The english version is the one above in an updated version.

Deal with real challenges and achieve a measurable and stronger performance as a leader and team, in a sustainable way.

We support the 3 sustainability goals: 5, 8 & 9. As equal opportunities between genders is an important part of our coaching practice. To have a sustainable business based on the peoples wellbeing is an integral part of our Sustainable Leadership Program. Lastly we support innovation through courses in the agile approach.

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