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Team wellbeing: Don't just perform
In a world that overall has become more unpredictable, it's all about making the right decisions – not to run faster and faster. It is all about personal energy, which means having the energy to think clearly, make better strategies, and get much more out of working with each other.
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What is personal energy?
The brain runs on energy and uses about 20% of the human body‘s total resources. We cannot see the energy, but we can measure it – and feel it as something positive that gives us clarity and creates belonging. Or as something negative that is sucked out of our body. You know the meetings that drain you completely. Or the good teamwork, where you get more energy from your collaboration.
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It is costly to drive on half–speed
When you are low on energy, you become easier under pressure, you make more mistakes, you potentially end up in more conflicts, utilize resources poorly, etc. You do not have the same overview and strength to collaborate – and that affects performance.
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Don't just perform: A team development process
Work on how to maintain and/or increase the energy in your leadership and in your team. E.g., how to facilitate meetings (also virtual) where you add good energy to each other instead of the opposite. This will increase performance and productivity. We include mental training from the martial art Jiu Jitsu, and you get practical tools based on latest research.
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Reload the team's batteries
We offer modules where you and your colleagues create lasting results through managing personal energy, not just time and money. Then you can come to work stronger. Become a better leader and collaboration partner and get more agile members in your teams so that you can perform at the next level.
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Focus on Optimizing Energy and Mental Prescence is a gift to any organization
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"Allowing ourselves a full day with Josefine and Team; with focus on Optimizing Energy and Mental Presence, is a gift to any organization. As a global organization we reflected on ‘what gives us energy, what takes our energy and how we affect others’. The time to reflect and discuss with colleagues throughout the day with insightful exercise and group work, made us realize the power of ‘being in the moment’. Very rewarding"  

— Nina Christiansen, Vice President, LEO Pharma
Wellbeing and performance boost at McDonald's
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“The program with Campbell Co. gave both the team a boost and was the occasion for deeper reflections, which can be difficult to find time and peace for in a fast–paced everyday life. It was a relevant way to care for the employees – and they have with great commitment continued to take their goals into practice. Hence, we are also beginning to be able to see the concrete effects of the program and effort."

— Mads Friis, Managing Director, Food Folk, McDonald's Denmark
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