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values that drives you
Leadership & collaboration

How to thrive at work: Try the value tool and get to live your values at work

Life can go up and down, getting you into sidetracks or even off track but finding your way is often guided by your values. These values are the compass that helps us navigate through the ups and downs, making choices and decisions that resonate with our true selves. Brené Brown, a renowned researcher and author, ...
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Lighthouse of values
Leadership development

Wellbeing at Work: Get the tool that made the manager Mark see the light and enabled him to live his values at work

We spend most of our awake hours at work. So, it is imperative to match your personal values with your job. If you do, it will boost you, if you don’t - it will drain you. That's why I'll introduce you to the tool values light house in this article.
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Empathy at work
Leadership & collaboration

The power of empathy in leadership: Why it matters and how you can apply it effectively

Leaders who are emotional intelligent or savvy, simple creates following. Their people feel a strong connection with them and a great sense of belonging towards their workplace regardless of the external conditions. It is quite powerful. In this article we delve into empathy and what a great sense of empathy can do for you as ...
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Leadership development

The recipe for effective leadership today: Lead towards results with culture-based tools

In the realm of organizational success, company culture is essential. A robust and positive culture not only attracts top talent but also fosters employee engagement, drives performance and innovation, and ultimately determines the long-term success of a company. In this article you can read about why this; working with company culture, is so important when ...
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Inclusive communication
Leadership & collaboration

The Power of Inclusive Leadership Communication: You will Retain Talent and Create Belonging

In today's diverse and interconnected workplace, effective communication is key to make sure that everyone in the team are included. It will help you to fostering a sense of belonging, reducing misunderstandings, and promoting teamwork. How can I communicate more effectively you might ask and that is why this article is all about Inclusive Leadership ...
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Leadership & collaboration

How to create collaborative teams via interaction analysis (IPA): Advanced team development that makes an impact

Investing in your team can give a massive return. In this article you'll meet Dan and Martin who creates dysfunctions in the team. Through an IPA (Interaction analysis) we helped them get back on track and create a strong collaborative team.
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Personal energy at work
Leadership & collaboration

Why personal energy matters for business success

Most work-places still manage all employees as their energy level were an infinite ressource. Because projects and organizations are still lead by stirring after; time, quality and money. This could definitely work in thee old days but know where peoples minds and brains are the biggest asset of a company personal energy is missing into ...
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Free inspiration
Performance & wellbeing

Get better remote collaboration and well-being working e.g., from home

This article is about how to collaborate remotely, and thrive when working e.g., from home. In this article you'll meet Henrik. Henrik has a challenge. He is a part of a team of five where they used to be very effective and had a really good time together. But in the resent years they have ...
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AI and leadership
Leadership & collaboration

Listen: AI is going to affect you as a leader

Learn to listen. AI is going to affect the expectations of you as a leader, colleague, or friend in many ways. Read here about one of the demands AI places on you. Read more here.
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