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At the keynote you will get a boost of energy and learn what managing energy can do for your performance.

Boost your performance through personal energy

Are you on the look for a great inspirational speaker? Here you will find a speaker that motivate and inspire you and bring relevant topics to reflect on. This inspirational speech on boosting performance through energy, is based on scientific research and on my experience as a martial art champion and Executive Coach. I always tailor the speech around your situation and why you need a speech. Furthermore you will experience engaging examples from an organisational, a leadership and an individual perspective.

“Josefine has a unique ability to sense what the audience in room needs.”
Jannie Aasted
HR-consultant, Novo Nordisk

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Inspiration on how to increase your personal energy level.



New tools on how to navigate in your personal energy level.


Energy boost

A boost of energy and motivation.

About this keynote

Our energy level is crucial to our mental state and thereby also to how well we are prepared to perform, cooperate or deal with a difficult situation. Working with energy has a big effect. One of the companies that has noticed this is Deloitte in Copenhagen. Here, a division of 50 people has been consciously working with their personal energy level for the past 3 years. The result is:

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Low level of employee turnover.

Both the example here and research show that working with personal energy has an effect in collaborations in the workplace – whether it is hybrid, virtual or physical. This can help create increased job satisfaction and higher well-being.

Energy exists in the individual and between people. Therefore, a group or a team can have a shared energy level when they are together. Or they may be in a shared mental state. Here it is important to remember to influence the energy level so that everyone gets more energy in everyday life. This will increase both well-being and job satisfaction. Something that affects the overall working environment – because it takes a lot of energy to be negative while it gives energy to laugh.

Therefore, based on my the book: “Are you clear or hijacked?”, you will get new perspectives on what can affect a personal energy level and how it affects well-being, cooperation and management relations. Based on my experience as a quadrable Danish Champion in jiu jitsu, and as an Executive Coach in multinational companies such as: Novo Nordisk, E.ON. and Carlsberg, I also provide inspiration for what you can do to increase your personal energy level in times of uncertainty.

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What Others' say

Jens Ronnow
“I participated in the webinar: “Personal energy and wellbeing working from home.” at IDA. Josefine understands to communicate clearly and direct” even when it is virtually. She shared tools and exercises simple enough to implement in the daily life – and as relevant – that can be shared with others, that are at home – both colleges and family. “
Morten Kjaergaard
Anne Kruse Damsgaard
“Thank you. It was very rewarding. The most rewarding was that you multiple times stated that it is on you to decide the mute you want to be in and the mindset you want to have. And that is rubs off to the people around you – both at work and private. That is the main thing I took with me – also to my colleges.“
Anne Kruse Damsgaard
Senior Project Director, MT Højgaard Projektudvikling A/S
jan Carlsen
“The bedst about Josefine’s speeches is the energy she puts into it. She owns the stage and at the same time gives people space to reflect on the information given. She is incredibly present and notice her audience and their wibe.“
Jan Carlsen
Local chairman of “lederne”
Foredrag med Josefine Campbell


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