June 2023

Sally Khallash & Josefine Campbell

7 Ways for Better Decisions

Many managers’ decisions are guided by bias. There are approximately 200 different types of bias. A bias is actually a mistaken decision. It is an automatic and unconscious mechanism that gets in your way of making clear decisions. We all have a different levels of bias and they are context-dependent. When dribbling a ball on a basketball court, it may be a kind of bias that affects your decision about where to move.

Behavioural economist Sally Khallash (PhD) and I speak about how we can make better decisions and minimise bias which influences our ability to reach our greater potential.

Agility and a rock concert

Develop readiness by going to a rock concert

Organisational readiness takes that each leader is mentally ready, or mentally agile, as we can call it too. So this article is about developing your ability to lead with agility, and or being ready for whatever comes your ways. It is key in order for you to be able to lead for organisational readiness. In my book, Power Barometer – Manage Energy, not just Time and Money, you can find extended knowledge and inspiration on the topic. But for now read more here in this article.