Accelerate Your Growth with a 360 Assessment

Utilize a 360-degree assessment to gather valuable feedback from employees, coworkers, and managers, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your performance.

Experience the Power of a 360-Degree Assessment

This potent tool provides a comprehensive perspective on how others perceive you, enabling the development of collaborative and leadership skills that elevate your performance. All information remains confidential, accessible only to you and your coach.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. We meet to discuss your objectives. 
  2. After our meeting, we setup your assessment in our system.
  3. You’ll receive an email with login information for our 360-degree assessment tool.
  4. Invite your coworkers, managers, and employees to participate in your assessment. They will receive a link to complete the evaluation.
  5. Reminder emails ensure all participants submit their assessments before the deadline.
  6. You’ll receive a confidential report on your data one day prior to the feedback coaching session.
  7. In the feedback session, we’ll explore strategies to achieve the goals discussed in our initial meeting.

Scientifically proven as an effective leadership development method, a 360-degree assessment offers you the chance to leap forward on your development curve.

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Josefine Campbell coaches managers and directors of companies such as Novo Nordisk, McDonald’s and, Carlsberg. She helps professionals strengthen their performance.

Gitte Justesen coaches and trains individuals and teams to unite as a cohesive unit, department, or organization. Further, she is a certified Diversity Champion.