Keynote: Are you ready or hijacked?

Are you ready or hijacked?

Energizing speech on sustainable performance in collaborations

Are you looking for a great inspirational speaker?

This inspirational can-do attitude speech, is based on scientific research and on my experience as a martial art Champion and Executive Coach. Furthermore, this talk shares engaging examples from an organisational, a leadership and an individual perspective.

“Thank you very much for an inspiring speech with Lederne today. Fantastic story telling and energy you radiate from the stage.”
Marianne Becker Rousing

Choosing this speech you will get


New knowledge

My jiu jitsu story that illustrates how your state of mind defines your capability to lead and collaborate.



Inspiration on how to make your team more fit. Not just to survive, but to thrive.



On how you can make big leaps with little time.

About this keynote

At the age of twelve, I took part for the first time in the Danish National Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Jiu jitsu is a Japanese martial art. You use both inner and outer strength as a martial artist. I tagged along only because of the companionship and because the others in the club had promised to support me. In that way I was not different from most other young girls. I joined for social reasons. Later on, I got very surprised when I won.

I was not the physically biggest, I was not the physically strongest, and I had only been practicing for a year, so I was not the most experienced. Far from. Many of my competitors had years of practice behind them. Not until much later, I understood that I won because I was more fit inside than my competitors.

In my practice as an Executive Coach, I have seen how easily those inner fitness techniques are being adapted and used by the leaders, talents and other professionals I work with, when they have to deal with challenges at work.

Being fit inside is not exclusive for martial art champions and leaders. It doesn’t depend on your gender, race, size or any other outer characteristic. It is accessible to anyone. But it is true, what the evolutionist Darwin said that it is the fittest that survive. Also, at the end of the day, the fittest will be more likely to thrive.

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What Others' say

Sven-Erik Adamsen
“Thank you for a great webinar full of live yesterday. In particular, your exercise and imagery about the trip through the forest worked really well.”
Svend-Erik Adamsen
Anne Kruse Damsgaard
“Thank you for a great speech. Very brave to lead out with the breathing exercise. I sat in the middle of the audience and I could feel how the whole crowd “landed” and became much more present. I am thinking of the great results should all speeches start like that!“
Charlotte Lundgren
“Josefine has a unique ability to sense what the audience in room needs.”
Jannie Aasted
Foredrag med Josefine Campbell


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