Are you ready for the changed work-life?

This keynote is based on science and will give you engaging examples of what to be aware of in hybrid collaboration.

Have more energy in the hybrid work-life

Hybrid collaboration and digital meetings are here to stay, but have we fully nailed how to do them effectively?

Do you know the feeling of having a burnt-out brain after a day in front of the screen? Or not feeling fully included when attending a meeting from home while others are sitting in the same room?

This inspirational speech is for those of you who have, or will have, a daily routine where you are not always physically together. Where some work from home a few days a week, while others are together at the workplace.

“She interacts fantasticly with the audience. She mixes science, the corporate world, martial art and own experiences in a very nice way.”
Conny Basker
Talent Partner

Choosing this speech you will get



Inspiration and reflections on what you should do to get the most out of your work life.



Three strategies for a better hybrid working


Goals to act on

An opportunity to set yourself a relevant goal that you can act on.

About this keynote

Learn about what you can do to reap the benefits of hybrid work life and work on how it can take each of you – and together, to the next level of your collaboration. Many of us have experienced that the way we work together, and lead has changed significantly in the last year. It won’t stop after reopening. So, have you prepared yourself for what it will take for you as a manager or employee when someone is in the office while others work at home?

Conflicts occur more easily. Value will be lost. And it can be stressful not to be together with colleagues. Or to sense your team, because It can be difficult to understand each other or keep the energy up behind the screen while others are in the office. A hybrid work-life requires a higher level of personal commitment to personal well-being, collaboration and self-management.

Even if you have a manager who tries to have a feeling with the employees and solve problems, it’s just harder to manage through a screen or when someone from the team is home while others are in the office.

The speech is for you who will or already have a work-life where you not always sit together e.g., if some are working from home twice a week when others are together at the office. The speech will inspire and motivate you to collaborate about increasing your wellbeing. That, by increasing your individual power to act and willpower. 

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What Others say

Jens Ronnow
“I participated in the webinar: “Personal energy and wellbeing working from home.” at IDA. Josefine understands to communicate clearly and direct” even when it is virtually. She shared tools and exercises simple enough to implement in the daily life – and as relevant – that can be shared with others, that are at home – both colleges and family. “
Morten Kjaergaard
“Josefine, with her energetic presence and enthusiasm, manages to get messages across – even through Teams. She helped us hold an online MasterClass for our customers focusing on management in times of crisis. It was a MasterClass that had great success with our customers, so we booked Josefine for a follow-up session. Big thanks to Josefine for her professional nature and good collaboration skills. I would definitely recommend everyone to book Josefine for whatever you need, to get inspiration for.”
Caroline Berendt Petersen
Marketing Director, Nomeco A/S
Mich Heüman
“Her style is authentic, embracing. She is a true message-giver on stage. She not only delivers a piece of work, she delivers a part of herself. “
Mich Heüman
Foredrag med Josefine Campbell


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