Power Barometer

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We manage time, money, and quality. But the big game-changer, personal energy, is too often forgotten. Power Barometer is for you. If you’re leading or collaborating in a complex and challenging environment. 

From the book: Power Barometer – Manage personal energy, not just time and money

If you find that you constantly have to deal with challenges and changes and your work life requires an extra gear, this book is for you. You want to make the best of every situation for yourself and for others. You actually care.

Sometimes you think about work when you are at home, even before going to sleep.You’re a leader—an aspiring leader, a project manager, or someone who must work with other people who have high expectations for you. It could be that your company is making big changes or just that change is a constant factor in your professional life.

Whichever is the case, you want to work in a sustainable way so you can rest well at night and wake up energized and ready for what’s next. 

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Josefine Campbell is a coach, author, former external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, serial entrepreneur, and quadrable Danish Champion in Jui Jitsu.

She uses her experiences from martial arts in her work with talent and management development. As a coach for managers and directors of companies such as Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg, she helps professionals strengthen their performance.