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In this post you can get a few excerpts from the media about my book, Power Barometer, and some ideas on if this book is something for you and why you should read it.

If you prefer to read in Danish, then access the Danish version of the blog post here.

Extracts from the media


One of my favorite business magazines, Fast Company published two articles about the book. You can read a snip-it of one of them here: 

Why ‘It’s not personal; it’s just business’ is a myth

By Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company

Maybe you’ve said this to a colleague or friend, or maybe someone has said it to you. It’s usually meant to soften the blow of a negative outcome for one side of a negotiation or situation, but thinking that business isn’t personal is just plain wrong, says Josefine Campbell, author of Power Barometer, and continues:

“When you lead, when you’re being led; when you collaborate or when you communicate, you do it through the medium that is you as a person,” she says. “That’s why business is personal. You will never be able to take the person out of the equation.”. 

You can read the article here.

Further Canada’s largest newspaper, The Globe and Mail, brought a large article about my book. You’ll find some take aways here:  

“Take responsibility for your energy with a power barometer”

by Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail. 

The power barometer is an imaginary personal energy gauge. We all know that energy is as important as time, money and quality in determining how effective we will be at work (and in life). Yet, we are obsessed with maximizing the other three factors and often ignore the fact that in the process we diminish our energy.

“Taking responsibility for your energy and how it affects the people you lead, collaborate with, report to or live with is fundamental in leadership,” Ms. Campbell says. “Your personal energy is your most precious resource, so use it wisely.”.

If you would like to read the full article, you can read it here.  

Get a podcast episode about Power Barometer here

Ready or Reactive David Dye Podcast 1200x628

As part of the book launch in the US, I have given many podcast interviews. One of them was with David Dye, who has written six books – four of them about leadership. So he was very knowledgeable about what we were talking about, and I think the conversation came out great. 

In the episode we talked about that before people can be ready, deal with change, and be flexible, they need energy.

“Meanwhile, stress, anxiety, and loss of engagement at work are major factors in modern work life and statistics are staggering in a negative direction, many corporate workplaces treat people as though their personal energy is an infinite resource. But the brain runs on energy, and for the organizations the people working there are the biggest asset of the business. So, they have to start focusing on personal energy.”

We talk about how to increase the awareness and navigate through different state of minds to become mentally agile.  

You can listen to the podcast here.

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My own words about Power Barometer

If you do read the book, I really appreciate a review on Amazon, Mofibo, Goodreads or where ever you get your books. 

Enjoy reading! 

And remember that we help people in multinational companies to handle challenges in a meaningful way and take business to the next level. If you would like to be updated with new articles and videos, sign up for our mailing list. Your mail is not shared with anyone and there are advantages to being on the list e.g., getting – for free – the first chapter of Power Barometer.

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