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Podcasts is a great media for getting new knowledge or inspiration for your work-life or leadership. 

Perhaps you’re on your way home from work, and you have a little time to gain some new inspiration for your professional life; in that case, podcasts are a really great media. Because it’s a media that – in a short amount of time – provides you with fantastic new knowledge and inspiration.

Here I’ll give you links to 4 of my resent podcasts for you to listen to – all free of charge. They are all different but the consistency is about how to have more energy into our lives. This I have written a book about called: Power Barometer – manage personal energy for business success. When managing personal energy you’ll be better at collaborating, leading and create stronger results. 

So! I hope that you’ll enjoy listening to these podcasts and get some new insights. 

Free inspirational podcasts

Here is an overview of the 4 first podcasts

Business owners radio: In this podcast Shye Gilad and Craig Moen – both business experts and entrepreneurs – talks together with Josefine Campbell about how optimizing your personal energy can transform the way you manage or collaborate with others in any professional setting. Here you can discover the secrets of how to become mentally agile and unlock your full potential. Both for leading your business and getting the most from your teams and employees.

DisrupTv: Listen to a podcast with a world class wibe from the two American gentlemen Vala Afshar og R “Ray” Wang. In this episode of their podcast Josefine Campbell talk about her new book and how to manage your personal energy so that you don’t risk to get burnout or stress.

The gratitude podcast: In this podcast Josefine Campbell and Georgian Benţa – a young Budda-like tech guy – talked about that when we manage our personal energy it’s easier not closing down our hearts when we’re in pain and not isolate ourselves from the world. Because reaching out is important.

The Office hours: In this podcast 4 leadership experts and Josefine Campbell talked about how personal energy is the key to success in every aspect of work-life. And the other experts got a taste for the ‘green zone’. Listen to learn about the green zone and how you can get more energy in your work-life. 

Do you want to mange your personal energy too? Then reach out or take a closer look at coaching – maybe it could be something for you. 

And remember that we help people in multinational companies to handle challenges in a meaningful way and take business to the next level. If you would like to be updated with new articles and videos, sign up for our mailing list. Your mail is not shared with anyone and there are advantages to being on the list e.g., getting a mini course in your personal leadership.

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