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You are working. Time flies by and you prioritize to eat in front of your computer or sometimes you have days with back-to-back meetings. You have actually forgotten to take care of yourself – take care of your wellbeing. You forget that your brain’s capacity isn’t endless. This can increase you being tense. And, a tense leader, is not a good leader. It is important to pay attention to your balance of activity and restoration. A little device from FirstBeat Life helps remind me. 

How do I use the gadget "FirstBeat" to take my performance to the next level?

For a long time I have trained myself to be outrageously aware of what my body signals to me. I have, because I know it increases my energy, wellbeing, intelligence and quality of work. It also gives me the opportunity to become a better leader – to take my performance to the next level . Still, I can lose myself in my work and be too stressed out and forget to recharge my “batteries”. But because of the tracker FirstBeat I can measure and be aware of when it happens. The device measures my energy level through out the day and can tell whether I’m good at keeping up the balance of work and restoration. It allows me to get back to the state where I am a good leader again.

The best part is when I see the curve for my day. I can see how calm I can be while I work. Even when I teach a whole group of leaders in leadership development – and especially when I coach in how to be a good leader. My gadget tells me how many minutes a day I’m calm / tense, active / inactive or a sleep. Further, it measures my restoration capabilities – and how great I benefit from my sleep.

Small choices can make a big difference

First beat life picture

One of the things I’ve learned using the little gadget is when I’m most calm. It can be while I’m working. Another thing I get out of it is that I become aware of if I’m unbalanced and too stressed – here I can start to unwind. It only takes small amounts of changes and isn’t that hard. I can therefore get better at seeing my own management development, and therefore keep developing as a good leader should.

Be more productive by taking care of your energy level

-30%! That is how much negative impact being mentally fatique has on your performance. So, not being aware of your energy level can decrease your productivity with 30%.

  • 30% of working professionals have poor recovery: less than 60% of their sleep is recovering.
  • More than 30% of workdays has 0 minutes of recovery.
  • Productivity decreases by 5-33% when you work when fatigued. 
productivity-loss scaled
This curve illustrates the decrease in productivity working when fatigued shown with the data measured.

The numbers talk for them self. The loss of productivity with 30% when low on energy it is called fatique-related productivity loss. This means that people are not sleeping well and have too much stress during the day. This influence their energy level and, they experience a fatique-related productivity loss. This can be more than 30% if the stress is during the workday is all negative.

This research are primarily done by Dr. Mark Rosenkind and Dr. Gary Johns. Both internationally recognized experts regarding human fatigue, absenteeism from work, presenteeism, personality, job design, research methodology, and the impact of context on organizational behavior.  

Trying this gadget on our own bodies and with several of our clients, we want to spred it more and pass on the good experiences to more of our coaching clients. Hence, we have taken some extra gadgets home from the UK, which we can lend to our clients. Now we have another tool for creating next level leadership development. So, do you want to try it out?

I give lectures, coach, counsel and teach with the vision that people don’t just perform but, sparkle. This, by unlocking the power of personal energy in all organizations to create long-term value in a sustainable way. 

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