Meditation for leaders can give good leadership, better results and less stress

Mediter som det passer dig

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I spoke with meditation teacher, writer and martial arts master Henning Daverne about stress, meditation and good leadership. The most interesting thing about meditation is that it leads to better performance and stronger results for leaders which positively penetrates into their companies. Watch the video and learn more about meditation for leaders.

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Less stress - even during a fight

Henning Daverne and I both have a backgrounds in martial arts and we both meditate. I’ve meditated since I was 20 years old, which is now 20 years ago. I think my martial arts background has given me an advantage because I learned the mindful state of my mind through this practice. As you can see in the video, Henning also experiences a connection between the oriental martial arts that he has taught to the police, military and the meditation he teaches to leaders today.

Many people think that you are dangerous and wild if you are doing martial arts, but that’s not necessarily true. A real champion is calm. So calm that he or she can control his or her adrenaline response and fight with a  clear mindset that is calm as a still lake. Adrenaline is the fight and aggression hormone secreted when you feel threatened. It’s good not to let it control you because you cannot use all of your brain capacity thinking about it. In this context, meditation can also help to find peace in itself.

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Meditation for leaders and employees

The most amazing thing about this conversation is the massive effects meditation can have on performance and results and on bringing people together. Before we turned on the camera, Henning talked about one of his customers, a director from Vola. They had had many great results from the meditation process and productivity at Vola’s factory had risen. The most surprising effect was perhaps that his employees also liked the director more.

Mindfulness, meditation, mental training

It has many names. It works for 98%. When I teach and coach, we often use mental exercises that increase focus and the likelihood of achieving the results that one could wish for. Often it is during the exercises that we achieve the greatest effect.

I give lectures, coaches, counsels and teaches. My mission is to make people and businesses more mentally ready. To become better at handling innovation, new technology, stress and change. Our vision is that people don’t just perform but has to become mentally ready. This, by unlocking the power of personal energy in all organizations to create long-term value in a sustainable way. 

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