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Energy in teams meetings
Leadership & collaboration

5 Meeting Management Strategies to Boost Energy in Your Next Meeting

Are you tired of meetings that drain your energy and leave you feeling exhausted? In this article you get five strategies to boost the energy in your next meeting and create a more engaging and rewarding work culture. Interested? Read along here.

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Hvad er stress?
Leadership & collaboration

Leading oneself in times of uncertainty

These days, there are many managers with anxiety. In my profession as an Executive Coach, I talk with highly competent and resourceful executives around the world about their challenges, problems, and objectives in life and in work.

One question that is being discussed in many of my virtual coaching sessions these days is, how one is dealing with anxiety as a leader. In this article I give you three ways to deal with it. Read along here.

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Berlingske artikel
Leadership & collaboration

Five pieces of advice concerning bad leadership and psychopathic leaders

The word psychopath tastes of Hollywood and is used extensively in everyday speech about people who have an incomprehensible cold or unpleasant behavior. TV shows with psychopathic characters like Billions and House of Cards entertain millions of people. Psychopathy can be experienced as exciting. But in fact, it masks a personality disorder that many psychologists and psychiatrists are powerless to deal with – and that harms people, value, businesses, organizations, and the political system. Read more here were you can get some advice too.

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Leadership & collaboration

Too much adrenaline can be a bad thing when leading

Often is stress at work related to too much adrenaline. Did you know that there is a risk that you and your co-workers have a high level of stress? The stress hormone is called adrenaline – and affects your behavior, your decisions and what you are capable of as a business. Too much adrenaline is not good and can have a negative effect. In the video, I talk about adrenaline and how it relates to stress.

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Ananda Giri
Performance & wellbeing

Meet Tony Robbins’ meditation teacher Ananda Giri

All leaders, no matter how big they are, need inspiration and guidance. Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson among many others have chosen to be guided by Ananda Giri, from One World Akademi. Ananda Giri is a Senior Meditation Teacher. I have talked to him about what our mental condition and what meditation means to us as leaders. Read along here.

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Mediter som det passer dig
Leadership & collaboration

Meditation for leaders can give good leadership, better results and less stress

n this article Josefine Campbell speaks with meditation teacher, writer and martial arts master Henning Daverne about stress, meditation and good leadership. The most interesting thing about meditation is that it leads to better performance and stronger results for leaders which positively penetrates into their companies. Learn more about meditation for leaders right here.

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Sally Khallash & Josefine Campbell
Leadership & collaboration

7 Ways for Better Decisions

Many managers’ decisions are guided by bias. There are approximately 200 different types of bias. A bias is actually a mistaken decision. It is an automatic and unconscious mechanism that gets in your way of making clear decisions. We all have a different levels of bias and they are context-dependent. When dribbling a ball on a basketball court, it may be a kind of bias that affects your decision about where to move.

Behavioural economist Sally Khallash (PhD) and I speak about how we can make better decisions and minimise bias which influences our ability to reach our greater potential.

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Agility and a rock concert
Leadership & collaboration

Develop readiness by going to a rock concert

Organisational readiness takes that each leader is mentally ready, or mentally agile, as we can call it too. So this article is about developing your ability to lead with agility, and or being ready for whatever comes your ways. It is key in order for you to be able to lead for organisational readiness. In my book, Power Barometer – Manage Energy, not just Time and Money, you can find extended knowledge and inspiration on the topic. But for now read more here in this article.

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agile leadership
Leadership & collaboration

Agile leadership

There is no radical innovation, or innovative company without mental agility. I am not talking about agile methods, but agility as a mindset. When I started working with innovation back in 2008, innovation was nice to have. Today, most leaders confront a situation where innovation is need to have and many have experienced the difficulties actually turning innovation ideas and projects into business value and tangible results. Often because there is a lack of mental agility in the organisation. 

Agile as a method was firstly introduced (starting this millenium) in a business context as a project management method for innovation and IT development projects. Later, the concept of agility became about emotional agility in a leadership development context. To become truly agile requires leaders who has an agile mindset.

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