August 2023

Hvad er stress?

Leading oneself in times of uncertainty

These days, there are many managers with anxiety. In my profession as an Executive Coach, I talk with highly competent and resourceful executives around the world about their challenges, problems, and objectives in life and in work.

One question that is being discussed in many of my virtual coaching sessions these days is, how one is dealing with anxiety as a leader. In this article I give you three ways to deal with it. Read along here.

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Five pieces of advice concerning bad leadership and psychopathic leaders

The word psychopath tastes of Hollywood and is used extensively in everyday speech about people who have an incomprehensible cold or unpleasant behavior. TV shows with psychopathic characters like Billions and House of Cards entertain millions of people. Psychopathy can be experienced as exciting. But in fact, it masks a personality disorder that many psychologists and psychiatrists are powerless to deal with – and that harms people, value, businesses, organizations, and the political system. Read more here were you can get some advice too.


Too much adrenaline can be a bad thing when leading

Often is stress at work related to too much adrenaline. Did you know that there is a risk that you and your co-workers have a high level of stress? The stress hormone is called adrenaline – and affects your behavior, your decisions and what you are capable of as a business. Too much adrenaline is not good and can have a negative effect. In the video, I talk about adrenaline and how it relates to stress.