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Meet Carol who took a great leap in her leadership carrier with a 360 degree assessment. 

Carol is a fictive person. A person we have developed from hours and hours of coaching of leaders. Carol is made up from mirroring their experiences as leaders in modern multinational companies. And how a 360-degree assessment leaped her performance.    

We meet Carol a monday morning. She had a great weekend and was full of energy starting monday with a weekly meeting with her team of 10 people. They work in the field of manufactoring and as many others they face difficult times with higher costs and uncertainty in the world. Carol and her team is under massive pressure each day to meet the Company goals and taking fast decisions due to constant changes due to the challenges almost everybody faces these days. Because of that she is fully aware that this can affect her way of leading in a negative way. That is why she reaches out to us wanting a 360 degree assessment that can give her a comprehensive perspective on how others perceive her. This for her to know which of hers collaborative and/or leadership skills to improve – and what she should appreciate of the things she’s already doing well.

After Carol’s request the 360 assessment was send out for her employees, managers and colleagues to evaluate. 3 weeks after Carol had the report in her hand and was on her way to the feedback coaching session. On that session she and her coach was going through the report – showing what she already was doing great but had room for improvement. And as the most important they discussed how to improve.     

The outcome of a 360 assessment

What the report showed was that Carol needed to improve her collaborative skills when big decisions was to be made. In situations with high pressure and fast decision making she was described as being harsh, not listening and sometimes even rude. Which had affected the decisions being with more flaws and double work had to be done. The report also depicted a leader who excels in implementing new technology and in providing clarity regarding direction, challenges, and progress, both in relation to colleagues, employees, and upper management.

The coach and Carol then could make a plan for her to improve and change her ways of doing under pressure.   

Do as Carol - become the best leader possible

Experience the Power of a 360-Degree Assessment

When you schedule a 360-degree assessment process with us you’ll get a smooth and fast experience. And all your information in this process remains confidential, accessible only to you and your coach.

Here is how it works: 

  1. We meet to discuss your objectives. 
  2. After our meeting you book a feedback coaching session directly in our calendar. A week before is now the deadline for respondents.
  3. We setup your assessment in our system.
  4. You’ll receive an email with login information for our 360-degree assessment tool.
  5. Invite your coworkers, managers, and employees to participate in your assessment. They will receive a link to complete the evaluation and enclosed is the deadline.
  6. Reminder emails ensure all participants submit their assessments before the deadline.
  7. You’ll receive a confidential report on your data one day prior to the feedback coaching session.
  8. In the feedback session, we’ll explore strategies to achieve the goals discussed in our initial meeting.

A 360-degree assessment is scientifically proven to be an effective leadership development method. It will offer you the chance to leap forward on your development curve.

Small changes can make a big difference

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Be at your best

Leap your performance with a 360 degree assessment. 

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