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Leverage your own data to elevate performance by monitoring and managing your energy level.

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Did you know that low a energy level can lead to a 30% drop in productivity?

By monitoring your energy level, you can identify trends and uncover data-driven insights. This data remains confidential, accessible only to you and your coach.

In coaching sessions, we discuss how to transform these insights into actionable steps and create meaningful changes in your life.

Even minor adjustments to your behavior can significantly impact your performance and work outcomes.

After just one meeting, you’ll gain valuable insights to start making a difference right away.

Small choices can make a big difference

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Firstbeat is a measuring device to gain optimal performance. Firstbeat life assessment measures your heart rate for 24 to 72 hours to determine your stress and recovery balance, the impacts of exercise and, your sleep. 

Above, you can see two examples of a Firstbeat Life score. The lower yellow score (42/100) shows an imbalance between stress and recovery as in the first case the working hours and stressful conditions are higher. On the higher green score shows a more balanced day with less stress and more recovery.

So, you can use Firstbeat Life Scores to enhance your performance and gain better results.

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Josefine Campbell provides coaching for managers and directors at companies like Novo Nordisk, McDonald’s, and Carlsberg, empowering professionals to enhance their performance.

Gitte Justesen specializes in coaching and training individuals and teams to unite as a cohesive unit, department, or organization. Additionally, she is a certified Diversity Champion.