Book: Are you ready or hijacked?

Er du klar eller kapret?

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It happens to everyone. Sometimes, you’re at your best and most professional self, while other times, you might act or speak differently than you normally would.

This often occurs when you’re under pressure or experiencing low energy levels. In some cases, you might even regret your actions later. These are the moments when your brain has been hijacked. The most challenging aspect of being hijacked is that you’re frequently unaware of it until after the fact. It creeps up on you, catching you off guard. Once hijacked, you can’t fully utilize your brain.

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This lack of self-awareness can hinder your ability to collaborate, lead, and be led, particularly in situations that demand innovation, involve uncertainty, or require adaptability to change.

This book aims to enhance your performance sustainably by increasing your awareness of your mental state and personal energy, both in leadership and collaboration. By improving your agility and changing efficiency, you’ll find yourself better equipped to navigate the modern corporate landscape. Filled with practical tools backed by scientific research and numerous relevant case studies from today’s work environment, this book emphasizes the importance of change, agility, and high performance.

Klar eller kapret forside

In the book

In this book, you’ll find inspiration, tools, and tangible examples from corporate work life that can show you how to manage your state of mind when managing or collaborating with others. You will learn what it really takes to be mentally agile.

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About the author

Josefine Campbell brings a wealth of experience as a coach, author, former external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, serial entrepreneur, and four-time Danish Jiu-Jitsu champion. You can read more about her as a coach here.

Drawing from her martial arts background, she excels in talent and management development. As a coach for executives and managers at companies like Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg, she empowers professionals to bolster their performance.

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