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coaching with data

Deal with it

Can you recognize this: you have a challenge to be solved, but no matter what approach you take, it will not be solved? Maybe coaching could be an option for you. Because, has been backed by research to be the most effective method for leadership development. So, read more here about how coaching can help you.

Team wellbeing and strategy

Three strategies for unleashing the power of personal energy in teams 

Managing your energy is one chapter of its own. It is crucial and imperative. But let’s be real. We spend most of our awake hours on the job collaborating with others. So, if we do not manage the team energy and take responsibility for the imprint of energy we leave others with – it will not take us far enough.
Read more here to get the three corporate strategies.

Team wellbeing

Manage energy not just time and money

Get to the next level of performance by encountering a fourth dimension in your management style – Manage energy not time!

Successful companies such as Google and Novo Nordisk know that prioritizing team wellbeing as it’s the key to high performance. Still, most managers only consider Time, Quality, and Money, when prioritizing or deciding. That is how they are trained. However, there is another level.

Hvad er god ledelse?

What is good leadership? How to be a good leader?

Unfortunately, it is quite normal to become a manager without any further introduction to the management craft. So, for many new leaders, becoming a leader is a huge challenge. Management is also not something you can learn just by reading. And leadership skills are not something you are born with. It’s something you must learn and constantly practice.

An introduction and some good advice can sometimes be a great help. So, here’s a suggestion on what good leadership is from us.


Digital leadership – focus vs. team spirit

Dilemma: A leader in a global virtual team appreciates chatting with her team about everything and nothing – privately and professionally. Everything is communicated in a big jumble. She does it to make them feel like a team across the distance. Her employees feel compelled to participate, even though it is difficult for them to do any concrete work in the meantime. Because in the middle of a story about her new house, an important message comes in relation to their work. So, if they are not part of the chat, they will not get crucial professional information.

Just like other global tech organizations, there’s plenty to do for the employees. They actually have a hard time keeping up. This challenges the fact that when they have to chat, they can’t focus and concentrate on work tasks. 

anger at work

Anger at work?? Learn about conflict management

Anger is a natural reaction that we as humans have to be able to defend ourselves in a deadly situation. The problem is that humans often react with the same fear and anger to organizational changes, redistribution of tasks, and the like as if we were attacked by a bear. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the feeling is there. It doesn’t help to just shut it off. Because it still guides your actions, thoughts, and personal strength. Learn more here.

Stilhedsekspert Bastian Overgaard og Ledelsesekspert Josefine Campbell

Schhhh! Silence results in more effective meetings

Do you want to get rid of ineffective meetings?
There is always someone who talks more than others. Someone talks so much (and is so busy thinking about what they themselves should say) that they do not hear what others say. It does not result in much.

Now it’s not like I’m against talking. But I think it’s important that we give room for silence – even when we’re together and when we’re going to do something. As a leader you can use silence as an intelligent tool to facilitate meetings.

Er du klar eller kapret?

Book: Are you ready or hijacked?

Reading the book can improve your performance sustainably by increasing your awareness on your mental stage of mind and your personal energy – when you lead and when you collaborate. It can help you being more agile and change efficient. The book is full of tangible tools backed by science and many relevant cases from the modern corporate work life, where change, agility, and performance is in focus. Read more about the book here.