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Hvad er stress?

Leading oneself in times of uncertainty

These days, there are many managers with anxiety. In my profession as an Executive Coach, I talk with highly competent and resourceful executives around the world about their challenges, problems, and objectives in life and in work.

One question that is being discussed in many of my virtual coaching sessions these days is, how one is dealing with anxiety as a leader. In this article I give you three ways to deal with it. Read along here.

Berlingske artikel

Five pieces of advice concerning bad leadership and psychopathic leaders

The word psychopath tastes of Hollywood and is used extensively in everyday speech about people who have an incomprehensible cold or unpleasant behavior. TV shows with psychopathic characters like Billions and House of Cards entertain millions of people. Psychopathy can be experienced as exciting. But in fact, it masks a personality disorder that many psychologists and psychiatrists are powerless to deal with – and that harms people, value, businesses, organizations, and the political system. Read more here were you can get some advice too.


Too much adrenaline can be a bad thing when leading

Often is stress at work related to too much adrenaline. Did you know that there is a risk that you and your co-workers have a high level of stress? The stress hormone is called adrenaline – and affects your behavior, your decisions and what you are capable of as a business. Too much adrenaline is not good and can have a negative effect. In the video, I talk about adrenaline and how it relates to stress.

Ananda Giri

Meet Tony Robbins’ meditation teacher Ananda Giri

All leaders, no matter how big they are, need inspiration and guidance. Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson among many others have chosen to be guided by Ananda Giri, from One World Akademi. Ananda Giri is a Senior Meditation Teacher. I have talked to him about what our mental condition and what meditation means to us as leaders. Read along here.

Mediter som det passer dig

Meditation for leaders can give good leadership, better results and less stress

In this article Josefine Campbell speaks with meditation teacher, writer and martial arts master Henning Daverne about stress, meditation and good leadership. The most interesting thing about meditation is that it leads to better performance and stronger results for leaders which positively penetrates into their companies. Learn more about meditation for leaders right here.

Power Barometer book

The new book: Power Barometer

The book is all about that we manage time, money, and quality. But the big game-changer, personal energy, is too often forgotten. Power Barometer is for you. If you’re leading or collaborating in a complex and challenging environment.

If you find that you constantly have to deal with challenges and changes and your work life requires an extra gear, this book is for you. You want to make the best of every situation for yourself and for others. You actually care. Sometimes you think about work when you are at home, even before going to sleep.

Team wellbeing and strategy

Three strategies for unleashing the power of personal energy in teams 

Managing your energy is one chapter of its own. It is crucial and imperative. But let’s be real. We spend most of our awake hours on the job collaborating with others. So, if we do not manage the team energy and take responsibility for the imprint of energy we leave others with – it will not take us far enough.
Read more here to get the three corporate strategies.

Team wellbeing

Manage energy not just time and money

Get to the next level of performance by encountering a fourth dimension in your management style – Manage energy not time!

Successful companies such as Google and Novo Nordisk know that prioritizing team wellbeing as it’s the key to high performance. Still, most managers only consider Time, Quality, and Money, when prioritizing or deciding. That is how they are trained. However, there is another level.